^ Total Eclipse of the Heart ^

Posted on December 12, 2011


1o December 2011

Alhamdulillah, the sky is clear without any pockmark of  a weather.

Blue skies dancing with orange hues into the dusk promises a night to remember.

A night to remember for me, the amatuer astronomer/ photographer.

A poetry in motion ;

Lunar Eclipse, shot with Canon G11 mode Auto, Focus 20x. Handheld, no tripod.

the clouds caressing the moon for a temporary farewell

"I am ready" the moon said..

and so it begins slowly but steadily at 8.30ish..

..goes well into the 9.00pm..

..slowly but steadily...

...the time had reached 10.00pm..

The pinnacle. A dark orange ball in the back sky.

 The Moon stood proudly in the shadow of our Earth for quite a long time.

But i could not stood anymore.

Alas for me, the mosquitoes were a pain in the neck, and everywhere.

So I said to the Moon, ” I have to go..”

“But please come out brightly as before, tomorrow..”

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